Our Artists

Lucite Lust Studio is a community-based studio featuring independent artists, designers, and curators.

James Ko

Vintage homewares & hand-poured candles

James Ko (they/them) is the founder of Lucite Lust Studio, est 2020. They lovingly curate vintage homewares and make candles inspired by their Chinese-American childhood.

Drawing from their education in Art History & Material Culture, along with their family legacy of selling at flea markets, Lucite Lust Studio was born out of a need for more community-based spaces to showcase art, creativity, and joy.

Tess Krope

Vintage clothing

Tess Krope is the half-Korean founderof Booki Vintage, residing in Bushwick. Established in 2019 during her senior year of classical music conservatory, Booki Vintage caters to the funkier side of fashion with an emphasis on the 70’s, while also providing a range of sizes and eras for all-encompassing inclusivity and sustainability!

Over the years, she has attended pop-ups all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, hosted her own flea markets, and found the most amazing & supportive community of small business owners, including Lucite Lust Studio.

Evie Schuckman

Hand-Sewn Clothing

Evie Schuckman (they/them) is the artist behind Gubbins NYC — a slow clothing line based out of Bushwick. Evie creates moment-to-moment improvisational knit, crochet, and sewn pieces made entirely of deadstock and vintage materials.

They joyfully balance this work with a fruitful theatremaking career that often inspires their designs and methods. Their creations begin with a family legacy of making something out of nothing, and they work best under pressure. They are a proud Chinese American Jewx, and hailing from West Palm Beach, FL.

Al Bako

Hand-painted signs

Al Bako is a music video director, animator, pole dancer, and reptilian based in Brooklyn. Al finds inspiration in jellyfish, Cronenbergian body horror, abandoned theme parks, sensory deprivation, and the unfurling leaves of a baby tamarind tree.

Lucite Lust Studio is their first foray into sign painting! For more of their life’s work, visit their virtual home at allisonbako.com

Kris R.

Felt Flower Bouquets

Kris is a queer Caribbean lass living and crafting in Brooklyn. After years of learning skills in sewing, embroidery, hair, make up and more, she came upon the craft of felt flowers and fell in love. She started making felt flowers during a time in her life when she needed some serious healing and happiness. Making these flowers for all her lovers and friends gave her such joy and she's now spreading that joy to as many people as possible!

Lucite Lust Studio is her first venture into selling her lovely crafts and if you’re interested in commissioning a custom bouquet feel free to contact her at @fairyfeltflower and get other updates on what flowers she’s feelin!

Shell Patient

Shell Jewelry

Shell Patient weaves enchantment into all her creations with an ethereal touch. She breathes life into floral arrangements, paintings, and specializes in Mermaidcore fashion. Enter her mystical realm through the gates of her Etsy shop, "Sylph Wear." Within its virtual halls lie a treasure trove of crowns, tiaras, hair clips, necklaces, earrings, and celestial garments. Each piece is lovingly crafted with seashells, corals, pearls, and other oceanic elements which embody the magical essence of the sea.

Having grown up amid the forests and tides of New Hampshire, Shell's childhood was forever imprinted with the profound beauty of nature. Fueled by this love, she channels it into her creations. You can find her charming passersby at pop-up events, mingling with mermaids at the annual Mermaid parade, beach combing at Rockaway, or creating with flowers at the shop "Rosehip.” 

Nelli Toh

Ceramics & Felt

Slug Home is an expression of love
for one’s living space. It’s owner, Nelli, spends much of her free time crafting and plotting what to add to her own home, ever since moving to Brooklyn from Singapore. What started with crocheting coasters expanded across mediums and approaches, with a distinct sense of playfulness in each new piece.

Check out her Instagram to see what local pop-up market Slug Home will be at next!

Olivia Ruffin


Olivia (she/her) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. After stepping down from over a decade of being a fashion blogger and social media star, now offline, her main focus is mixed media collage.

Olivia loves to work with every medium under the sun. Constantly wanting to experiment with different materials, her curiosity lends itself well in that way. Both the artist and the art are collaborators, she never truly knows what it will look like until it’s done.No planning necessary and that’swhere the magic happens.

Fiona Bradley

Reworked Vintage

Fiona Bradley is the designer behind Mace in the Face – a small clothing brand that reworks vintage lingerie into wearable art through the process of screen printing. She first started experimenting with this medium in a course she took at Parsons and decided to create a brand out of it upon graduating in Spring of 2023.

Mace in the Face designs are inspired by Fiona’s passion for vintage lingerie and repurposing garments that are already on the Earth prioritizing sustainability as much as possible. She has been selling her garments online as well as at various pop-ups around the city and loves the community of creators that she has gotten to become a part of along the way.

James Ciresi

Prints & Pins

James Ciresi (he/they) is a Bushwick-based artist and the creator of Hog Time Vintage, a curated vintage brand specializing in media and memorabilia.

James has spent more than a decade vending within the North New Jersey retro video game scene. This life-long interest in the past has heavily influenced Hog Time Vintage’s curation process, focusing on a mix of mainstream nostalgic pieces and eclectic items. In his art practice, James creates prints and buttons using up-cycled materials from sources spanning close to eight decades.

Lauren Krischer

Clay jewelry

Acid Cat is the creative canopy of Lauren Krischer (she/her). Lauren is a multimedia artist creating clothes, objects, and visuals. Her work is a means to explore self, self with others, and self in the world. She aims to learn, see, heal, and grow.

Lauren practices tarot and has three cats named Squishy, Dolly Parton,and Juno.

Xuanlin Liao

Printing & Poetry

Xuanlin Liao (she/they) is a queer visual artist based in Brooklyn. Born in Oakland, California to Chinese immigrants, she specializes in film photography, typography, print & digital design, and print production.

She is the founder of the Center of Lesbian Information Technology, which offers digital printing services, digital design consulting, and studio photography.

Basia Lamy

Hand-Made Jewelry & Accessories

Basia Lamy is a self proclaimed pink princess and the creator of Jewlz By B - a crafty pastime activity that has blossomed into a handmade jewelry and accessory brand.Jewlz By B is an outlet for Basia to express her personality and creativity.

She loves creating accessories that are fun, kitschy, nostalgic, and carefree. She draws inspiration from her many passions including ballet and fashion and is always looking for new ways to create accessories. In February 2023, she hosted her first pop up market featuring local vendors under the name Flea By B and hopes to plan more in the future!

Sarah Giuliana

Beaded Jewelry & Accessories

GINGER is an eclectic and colorful brand created by Sarah Giuliana. Sarah has loved fashion since she can remember, from putting on fashion shows for her Bratz dolls to studying at Parsons School of Design, fashion has always been second nature for her. After leaving Parsons to enter the fashion industry, Sarah created GINGER with nothing more than a logo of an orange cat and a dream.

GINGER is all about not taking yourself too serious. The fun, whimsical accessories make that clear! All accessories and artwork is done by Sarah out of her apartment that she shares with her partner and their three cats: Marceline, Suzuha, and Lily.



IRON CREATRIX is the chainmail passion project ran by Brooklyn-based creative Lyra (she/they) who handcrafts all things shadowed, erotic and bratty from her sakura garden princess boudoir.

Lyra’s longtime vision for eccentric chain lingerie came to life in 2020 out of slow-burning creative necessity with a commitment to intention, sustainability, and timelessness. Through felicitously timed collections and bespoke requests of stainless steel lingerie sets, accessories, and novelties alike, IRON CREATRIX holds the space for the artifacts of Lyra’s hard imagination.

Jordan Blinn


Jordan Blinn (she/her) is the artist behind Collage Fiend. Born and raised in San Diego, California, she’s had a passion for creating surreal collages from vintage magazines for the last five years.

From scissors and paste, her work has evolved into the use of technology to broaden her collaging horizons. Since moving to Brooklyn, she has continued her love for collages. Jordan also enjoys painting and photography.

Stephen Bernier

Illustrated Prints

Faggoty Anne(she/he/they) is the illustrated persona of queer designer Stephen Bernier(he/him). She was born out of a necessity to create space that celebrates the unapologetic joy of being queer—pure faggotry.

She is a love letter to every queer doll who has felt they don’t fit into a conventional box. They are a reminder to our community that there is not one way to be queer. And a “fuck you” to the oppressive cistem and hateful rhetoric that want to eradicate our existence. 

Samson Neary


Samson(they/them) is a ceramicist and printmaker based out of Brooklyn. They create pieces both sculptural and functional filled with fun and whimsy.

For Samson the act of hand making their products breaths life in to every object. Their favorite part of the process is finding a loving home for each piece.

Mycha Bueché

Illustrated Prints

Mycha Bueché (she/they) is a lesbian latiné artist of many disciplines. Born in San Antonio, Texas to a Nicaraguan-American family, her creative spirit was richly cultivated and encouraged by her parents and relatives. As a young adult, she studied art and design at the University of Wisconsin.

Now residing in Brooklyn, her work focuses on her love of color, use of playful form and expressing the full range of human emotion. She also works for Target as a Senior Art Director focusing on multicultural work in the photo and video space. In her off time, she enjoys experimenting with personal style through social media content or spending time with her partner, Grace, and fur babies Bea & Mouse.

Nadia Chilmonik

Resin Jewelry

Bitprincess is a local Bushwick artist who creates art about the intersection of technology and magic in culture. Her little creatures remind her of the life in everything. The infusion of matter and sprit which exists everywhere.

As an extension of her art practice all her jewelry art pieces, 100% unique and handmade for you to enjoy

Madison Paloski

photography & prints

Inspired by the great high fashion photographers of the 20th century, Paloski’s work urges you to step into her idealistic dreamscape inspired by her love of all things vintage, high fashion, and my earliest childhood fantasies.

Paloski studied fashion media at Lasell University and the London College of Fashion. With the edge to do her own creative direction and styling work in her shoots, she is currently based in Brooklyn and is known for capturing the true essence of an individual through color, mood, and clothes.

Sophie Czark Lee


Sophie Czark Lee (she/her) is an artist, designer, and filmmaker based in Bushwick. She has a passion for vintage ephemera, making things with her hands, and cult classics from the 80s. In her art practice, Sophie focuses primarily on digital illustrations, incorporating her love for journaling and graphic design.