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Cobalt Collection - 3 Hand-Poured Tea Candles

Scents: China Rain, Plum Wine, Random Scent
Notes: [Eucalyptus & Jasmine Tea] [Plum, Pomegranite & Jasmine Tea] [???]

This set of 3 hand-poured, all natural soy candles are topped with dried Jasmine Tea leaves and served in fine Chinese Porcelain.
With a pinch of mica powder to make things sparkle, burning these candles simulates a fantasy tea experience as the pigments swirl and bloom.

These aromatic candles are pet-safe, with a burn time of approx. 30hrs.
Crafted with love in Chinatown, NYC, each candle is made by hand and features natural variations.

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Cobalt Collection - 3 Hand-Poured Tea Candles